After creating a model, you can use it in your own AI system with the information on the "API" tab of the model.

  • URL: https://predibot.com/predict
  • Request Method: POST
  • Accept: application/json
  • Content-Type: application/json
  • x-api-key: Click "show api key" to see it.

Request Headers: Accept, Content-Type, x-api-key

Payload: {model: "code-of-model", array: ["value_of_feature_1", "value_of_feature_2", "value_of_feature_3", ...]}

Payload example:

{"model":"XeTwrt7zEs3", "array":["12.56,"Yes","600"]}

The number of values in your array must be the same as the number of columns used in your model.


{"output": "Predicted Value"}

Note: If your model output is categorical, you also get a probability list.

{"output": "value", "probability": probability, "list": [[value, probability],[value_2,probability_2], ...]}

Let's start with the simplest way.

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