Hello from Predibot

Hello from Predibot

We are a newly opened initiative that creates Machine Learning related solutions without coding.

1. Why did we build Predibot?

We have built Predibot to allow anyone who doesn't know programming to build machine learning models without writing code.

2. Who are the founders?

The founder is Kamen Mladenov who has over +10 years experience on operations management, data science, ERP systems, IT business and programming languages. We have support dev team from Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey.

3. What pain point does it solve?

Nowadays, you mostly have to write code in a programming language to create machine learning models. Unfortunately this takes a lot of time. Even if you are a programmer, you will have to recode for each algorithm with different parameters and structure. We offer a no-code option to everyone who wants to create machine learning models in any industry, any business.

4. Case studies and client outcomes?

We have 7 example case studies live on our app. Here you can review and directly test them:

Manufacturing & Production: Detect Anomalies in Manufacturing

Outcomes: Detect before it happens.

Sales & Services: Mobile Phone Price Classification

Outcomes: Fast response to customer request.

Health & Medicine: Heart Disease Prediction

Outcomes: Finish health screening fast.

Food & Beverage: Red Wine Quality

Outcomes: Finish health screening fast.

Technology: Laptop Price

Outcomes: Fast response to customer request.

Finance & Investment: Financial Sentiment Analysis

Outcomes: Make the investment in the right place.

Security: Spam or Not Spam Detection

Outcomes: Ensure the security of the system.

5. Future Roadmap.

We believe that the future of machine learning have to be with no-code. Over the years the Machine Learning field will grow more and more. Our roadmap is to spread within the industry, working one-on-one with each sector and putting their data into the ML processes.

Let's start with the simplest way.

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