How To Create Machine Learning Model Without Coding (Video)

How To Create Machine Learning Model Without Coding (Video)

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Nowadays, you mostly have to write code in a programming language to create machine learning models. Unfortunately this takes a lot of time. Even if you are a programmer, you will have to write code for each algorithm with different parameters and structure. We offer a no-code option to everyone who wants to create machine learning models in any industry, any business. On the homepage, you can upload any tabular data files quickly with drag and dropping or selecting file. Let's select laptop prices csv file.

Mostly, Predibot automatically detects the data type but you can change the types if you want. However, each change will also change the structure of the model. Sometimes, you see something that should be numerical but labeled as categorical/text. This is because the rows contain non-numerical or empty string. You need to review your rows until the required type is selectable. Sometimes you may need to change numeric type to categorical. It is totally up to you. When the data and types are ready, you can create your model with the button "Create". When you are done with the data preparation process, you can proceed to the model creation phase. Normally, Predibot creates the model with the basic parameters in seconds.

You can directly press the "create" button without making any adjustments on model parameters. When your model is ready, you can always re-create it with different paremeters. Now, your model is ready to predict. Let's predict price with some different values. As you can see, you can type or select any value and predict anything. See how it affects the result as you change the values. Imagine your data from your business here. We have built Predibot to allow anyone who doesn't know programming to build machine learning models without writing code. You can create your own models in minutes.

Let's start with the simplest way.

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